What we’re doing to protect our customers during the COVID-19 epidemic

We continue to monitor information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and from local health departments near each of our facilities. Our aim is to implement sensible precautions that reduce the risk of illness and reduce the risk of disruptions to our customers.

Our highest priority now and always is to protect the health, wellness and safety of all employees and customers.

  • We are suspending all non-essential travel until further notice. “Travel” is defined as air travel or overnight travel outside of the normal course of duty. We are not referring to Territory Sales Reps or Field Technicians traveling locally in their routine duties. Our customers should still expect their normal service from their local Modern Machinery representatives.
  • We are limiting non-customer visits to our facilities and ensuring that employees that don’t feel well stay home.
  • Ours is a people business. Our people doing business with our customers. The CDC advises that the primary route of exposure to COVID-19 is from close person-to-person contact. Employees are encouraged to socially distance themselves when possible. Shaking hands is also strongly discouraged at this time, especially at large gatherings.
  • We are suspending participation in industry and professional events that involve a gathering of more than 25 people until further notice.
  • At the same time, we are also increasing the utilization of technology to serve customers in ways that reduce the risks of potential infection or disruptions.
  • In an effort to ensure ongoing responsiveness to our customers we are implementing a staggered schedule in our branch locations for parts and service coverage. This ensures that in the event of any exposure to the virus at the branch, we will have some employees working remotely continuing service to customers.
  • We encourage you to communicate with our Parts, Service and Sales teams via email, or telephone. See our directory of all branch locations and phone numbers.
  • You can also order parts via https://mykomatsu.komatsu. If you have any trouble accessing this site please email MyKomatsu@modernmachinery.com We have a team of Modern employees assigned to monitor this site and assist with any log on problems.
  • We are working with national and regional medical cleaning contractors to ensure that if an exposure at a branch were to occur, we have resources in place to properly disinfect the facility.
  • We are taking these actions and many more to try to keep employees and customers healthy and to maintain our extremely high standards for customer service. We will post updates periodically on our web site.