Modern Care LogoModernCare is an extension of Komatsu’s Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance.

  • A 50 point (NO COST) machine inspection with every service
  • All services and inspections done by a factory certified technician
  • Oil sampling continues through the life of the contract
  • A one-time cost, which can be purchased at any point prior to 2500 hours
  • Can be financed in the initial machine purchase or through other Komatsu Financial programs
  • Contract is transferable if machine is sold within our territory


  • Assurance of proper maintenance with OEM parts and service
  • Increased uptime and efficiency
  • Detailed machine maintenance records which leads to higher resale values
  • Service intervals are tracked by Modern Machinery – Komtrax
  • Factory certified technicians
  • Customers will spend up to half of the cost of Modern Care for just the oil and filters required in PM maintenance
  • Customers have reduced labor costs and/or expenses (fewer techs, lube trucks, inventory, etc.)
  • Modern Oil Sampling continues through the life of the contract
  • Oil Sampling + 50 Point Inspection – contributes to the early detection of significant problems, avoiding catastrophic failures
  • Modern Care is transferable (if the machine is sold within our territory)

For more information about the Modern Care program contact your Modern Machinery representative.