Innovative Dozer Design

Komatsu’s super slant nose dozer design is revolutionary. By moving the coolers and cooling fan to the rear of the machine and moving the operator forward accomplished two important things; 1.) The operator has an unobstructed view to the top of his blade and, 2.) balance is improved to the point where it becomes an incredible grading tractor. In 2008 when the first model of this design was introduced, it was entered in Business Week’s International Design competition. It was awarded second place behind the Apple i-Phone. Not bad company. Take the design a step further, and marry it up with a blade control system and you have a very accurate, high speed grading system. See the D37, D39, D51 and D61 dozers for more information.

Hydrostatic Drive and Steering

Hydrostatic drive and steering in small and mid-size bulldozers, give the operator incredible control over his machine’s movement and speed. With palm control the operator has very smooth and precise directional control. Twenty one speeds are available or, if he prefers, the operator can select three quick change settings. All the technology that goes into hydrostatic drive and steering is designed to do one thing, and that is make the operator better and consequently more productive. Take a look at the D37, D39, D51 and D61 dozers for more information.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Small Komatsu wheel loaders (167 hp. and smaller) utilize a hydrostatic transmission instead of a torque converter and geared transmission. The hydrostatic transmission has the advantages of being lighter, having less wear components, auto shifting, quick response, excellent tractive effort when digging in the pile and when climbing/stockpiling, variable traction control and dynamic braking.

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