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Terramac’s mission is to create high-quality tracked carriers that change the way industries operate. They are a prominent crawler carrier manufacturing company owned by CK Power, a leading manufacturer, distributor, and service provider of power generation, powertrain, and off-highway power solutions.

About Terramac

Founded in 2011, Terramac set out to achieve this mission through product innovation, performance, and customer satisfaction. Our product line-up consists of multiple straight frame models in various sizes as well as 360° rotating models that deliver precise and flexible dumping capabilities at any angle or on the go.

Terramac is proud to manufacture five carrier models, in multiple configurations, in North America. Terramac’s flagship model, the mid-size RT9 carrier debuted in 2011 and remains the most popular to date for its versatility. The heavy-duty RT14 carrier model was added in 2015 with an emphasis on ‘tough and rugged’, and early in 2016 the RT14R rotating crawler carrier was released offering customers a 360° upper frame rotation. To round out offerings in 2017, the nimble and compact carrier model, the RT6, joined Terramac’s lineup for conquering smaller jobs. In 2020, the RT7R crawler carrier was unveiled and combines 360° rotation with a compact design for ease of transport while maximizing efficiency.

Our Locations

Modern Machinery serves customers in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.