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Machine Rebuilds

New Life for Your Equipment

You depend on your machines to work hard in the most challenging conditions. The equipment you consider to be the best has earned that distinction by taking years of punishment and is still going strong. But at some point, those years of wear and tear add up, and even the most formidable machines begin to show their age. A machine rebuild with Modern Machinery can restore the performance and reliability you’ve expected from your equipment and reset the clock on your machine’s systems and major components.


More Than Just Changing Out High Hour Components

There are many good reasons to team up with Modern Machinery for your equipment rebuilds, and at the top of the list would be the value we can offer in getting your machine back to like-new operating condition at a fraction of the cost of new. You don’t get that value without the people and support that only Modern Machinery has to offer. From our machine knowledge to our attention to detail, we have the years of experience it takes to make the difference between a machine that’s had some new parts installed and one that has been truly rebuilt and ready for many more years of trouble-free operation.

Factory-Trained and Experienced Technicians

The technicians who rebuild your machine do far more than simply remove and install parts and components. They have the know-how to identify potential problems and take the extra steps necessary to perform quality, long-lasting rebuild.

Equipped to Get the Job Done Right

Our service and repair facilities have the equipment and specialized tooling necessary to get your rebuild done with the quality and efficiency that you deserve and expect from a dealership rebuild.

Tested, Adjusted, and Set to Factory Specifications

Every machine rebuild we perform is followed up with a comprehensive series of functional and operational tests. Your equipment will be tested and tuned for maximum performance when it leaves our shop and arrives back on your job site.

Customized to Fit Your Needs and Budget

We are happy to work with you to find a rebuild solution that fits your unique situation. From a basic, functional rebuild to a like-new, freshly painted machine, we will present you with the options that best suit your expectations.

Big or Small, Let Us Help You Get More Life From Your Machine

We can handle all your machine rebuild needs, from small to mid-size equipment to the most powerful machines our manufacturers produce. High-hour major components, worn-out undercarriage and drivetrain, low-performing and leaking hydraulics, and frustrating electrical malfunctions will be a thing of the past when your machine gets a new life rebuild.

Whether at one of our fully-equipped service and repair facilities or at your job site or shop, we can find a solution for you. Contact your local service department or PSSR to discuss your unique needs and receive a custom-prepared quote that will address every aspect of your machine rebuild.

Rebuild FAQs

Common Questions

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Does Modern Machinery remanufacture my components in-house?

How do I know what level of rebuild my machine needs?

What if additional repairs are found to be needed during my machine rebuild?