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Machine Coverages

Komatsu Care

Komatsu Care comes standard on all eligible Tier 4 construction equipment


Program Coverages

We offer several programs to help keep your machine in top condition and reduce downtime with costly repairs. No matter where your business takes you, enjoy peace of mind knowing, whatever program you choose, your equipment can always be serviced by any Komatsu distributor across the nation with our guarantees of certified labor and Komatsu genuine parts.

  • Komatsu Care
  • Komatsu Care Plus
  • Komatsu Care Plus II
  • Komatsu Care Plus III*
  • Advantage Coverage

Importance of Maintenance and Repair

Help keep your equipment in peak operating condition and avoid costly repairs with regular equipment maintenance through your Komatsu distributor. Komatsu Care is a complimentary scheduled maintenance program designed to keep your machine reliable and running longer. With this program, you have access to advanced service and support at any Komatsu distributor nationwide, with the guarantee of certified labor and genuine parts.

Komatsu Machine Coverage

Whether you’re looking for extended maintenance, additional repair coverage, or
a fixed-cost-per-hour option, Komatsu Care has the maintenance and repair
solution that is right for you. Komatsu Care Plus, Komatsu Care Plus II, and Komatsu Care Plus III provide different support tiers to match your business needs.


Komatsu Program Financing. Fix it Now, Pay for it Later!

Komatsu’s nationwide coverage and aggressive financing rates mean that costs will always be the same no matter where you service your machine. To get the most attractive rates and terms, you must finance the product support program that is right for you when you purchase your machine.


interest for 48 months, up to $100,000


upfront payment skips available

My Komatsu Service and Support

Your machine’s uptime is critical to completing your project on time and within budget. We have designed features that allow you to stay connected to your machine’s health. Features include Top 5 Recent Cautions and Time of Event, Top 5 Recent Abnormality Codes with a link to troubleshooting tips, and Maintenance Triggers with Required Parts List.

Program FAQs

Learn About Maintenance & Repair Programs

What is Komatsu Care?

What can Komatsu Care do for you?