Know for sure the performance of an engine that you will depend on before putting it into service. Under-load conditions are duplicated and Modern’s technicians are there to scrutinize every system and make adjustments. All engines we repair or rebuild are routinely run and verified before they leave our shop. Dynomometer testing is the best quality assurance you can have.

Why dyno testing?

  • Evaluate performance and power of used engines
  • Operating data can be compared to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Know positively engine and oil temperatures, pressures, fuel consumption, air/fuel ratio, over a range of loads
  • Continuous duty power verification, minimum load capability
  • Tune for fuel economy, maximum power, emissions control, set ECM parameters
  • Engine break-in before installation

Our state-of the-art system gives accurate results

Modern’s dynamometer is equipped with the PowerNet LT control system and is a highly efficient engine qualification tool. Testing is fully automated for precision control of engine throttle and dynamometer load insuring accurate and repeatable performance of each step for reliable certification tests.

The system offers fully customized data capture and reports for pinpointing any area of concern. Alarm warnings sound when sensors exceed range of operation presets, and data is recorded so conditions triggering the alarm can be diagnosed.

We test all makes of engines

Our dyno handles all makes and types of engines, land and marine, from 50 to 2000 HP at speeds up to 4000 RPM.

Call your local service department to arrange a dyno session.